putrefy: Pronounce putrefy with Meaning, Phonetic, Synonyms and Sentence Examples

This video shows pronunciation of putrefy in a sentence, putrefy meaning, putrefy definition, putrefy phonetic, putrefy synonym and putrefy example

putrefy Definition/Meaning : become putrid; decay with an offensive smell
putrefy Phonetic : 'pju:trifai
putrefy Synonyms : decay, rot, decompose, go bad, go off, perish, spoil, deteriorate, fester, moulder
putrefy Examples :
His blood congealed, his heart putrefied and he knew he had to react sharply.
However, during the hot Polish summers, the bodies started to putrefy.
The body starts to putrefy within a minute or two of death, and bubbles of gas come up through the mouth.

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