Dancing on a Slackline!

Dem Juju Poets - Liberated Thoughts
Buy online on: https://matasunarecords.bandcamp.com/album/liberated-thoughts
Produced by David Hanke under the label: www.matasunarecords.com

Inspired by the beginnings of Tricklining, this video relaunches a great new Style of Slacklining which only requires a low cost trickline! It combines the low setup feet to feet Tricklining - also called Jiblining with Dance! Become part of a new style and contact us for the fancy footwork intro, to create your own fancy footwork slackline dance video! info@gibbon-slacklines.com Big up to Gambit for keeping it real being one of the most influencial athletes at the early stages of this sport. We hope to dance with him on a trickline some day!