Kekko Fornarelli Trio - The Big Bang Theory (25th November 2015, Delhi)

Kekko Fornarelli - Piano and Synth
Giorgio Vendola - Double bass
Dario Congedo - Drums

KEKKO FORNARELLI TRIO is the new project of Kekko Fornarelli three years after his last album. It is the attempt to create a more and more universal vision of music, able to draw jazz out of the narrow circuit of its appreciators and
bringing it to the general audience.
Room of mirrors is the first album of this evolution involving the utilization of musical notes to tell stories, emotions and situations, to create a music to observe, more than just to listen to. An original and colourful harmony made of electronic components and acoustic instruments, modern northern European ideas and neoclassical lyricism, filtered by the unique pen of this southern Italian talent, this piano trio immerses the listener into a vortex of changing feelings, from the darkest to the clearest, from luxury to simplicity. Fornarelli is definitely a new voice in the Italian jazz
Over a few years Kekko Fornarelli has played in some of the most important Jazz festivals in Italy and Europe: Alberobello Jazz, Beat Onto Jazz, Multiculturita Summer Festival, Bari Jazz Festival, Valsugana Jazz Tour, Crocevia di suoni Jazz Festival, Gallarate Jazz Festival, Festival delle Serre, Caivano Jazz Festival, Annecy Jazz Festival, A Vaulx Jazz, Spazio Jazz - Teatro Comunale L'Aquila, Baronissi Jazz, Terni Jazz Festival, Palmi Jazz Festival,
John & Jazz.