From Birmingham to Koh Tao- 150 hours under the sea

I am embarking on an adventure to move to the Koh Tao Island in Thailand as a volunteer, leaving behind my cosy job in Birmingham.

I will be working with the "New Heaven Conservation Centre" undertaking coral reef and ecosystems restoration.

My aim is to start new projects within the centre, combining both engineering and environmental disciplines. The projects encompass a broad list, including:

-monitoring the sea current to study the muck ecosystem,
- build concrete blocks simulating limestone under the sea
- create an underwater turbine to supplying energy for an electrolysis system that makes coral grow faster than in natural conditions.

These projects can definitely fight coral bleaching and stop the loss of ecosystems but I cannot do this alone, I need your help;

In order to buy the necessary equipments to undertake the projects I need to achieve the budget before the 22nd of February 2018, day I will be arriving to Koh Tao.

There is still a hope for the corals!

Follow me under the sea..