Kloee Openshaw Surfs at the 2017 SuperGirl Pro

Kloee Openshaw surfs at the 2017 SuperGirl Pro
Oceanside, California

Hello Kloee...

The SuperGirl Pro is an ALL women’s surfing contest. It was overcast and the waves were a bit choppy.

The level of surfing has increased. No webcast for day 1 but I captured some of the action on video.

Women’s Round 1 Heat-3
Kloee Openshaw (Blue) from San Clemente, California

Location: Oceanside Pier, California

Event Produced by ASA Entertainment
Major Event Sponsors: Paul Mitchell / Nissan

Event Sanctioned by the World Surf League

Music by: Philip Mora
Song Title: Stealthy
Performed by
The PM Band
Philip Mora on Bass
Michele Mora on Drums

Recording Date: 7/28/2017
Recorded by Philip Mora
Edited by Philip Mora

Produced by Trade Federation, inc
copyright all rights reserved 2017

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Watch this complete surfing heat: