UNC Charlotte vs. NC A&T (9/16/2017) - Pregame

UNC Charlotte's Pride of Niner Nation Marching Band performs their pregame show on 9/16/2017, before the football game against North Carolina A&T (final score 31-35, loss for UNCC).

I added in the video of the march off after the team runs out; the reason for the cut is because otherwise there would be ~10 minutes of the band standing around otherwise. The reason the part before the march off looks weird if you watch in 4k is because I accidentally shot the first part in 1080p but the second part in 4k, and I wasn't about to sacrifice the quality in the second part, so I upscaled it, concatenated them together with ffmpeg, and uploaded them as one video. Sorry about the quality of the start.

Sorry about the crowd noises, I can't edit them out.

This video has been stabilized in the YouTube editor.
The original video can still be found here: https://youtu.be/_jM2adM3gQY