Part I/IV Experimentalists meet theoreticians 2007 (org. D. Holcman)

Start after 20 s.
Calcium signaling in neuronal and photoreceptor microdomains.
E. Korkotian l(WIS)
U. Ashery(TAU)
B. Minke(HU)

Theory of diffusion in microdomains
D. Holcman(WIS)
Z. Schuss(TAU)
K. Rubinstein (Technion)

Traffiking and dynamics inside the cytoplasm and nucleus

Y. Shaul (WIS)
M. Elbaum(WIS)
A. Minsky(WIS)
The goal of this day is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians to discuss some aspect of intracellular trafficking and diffusion in microdomains that leads to the cell function.

Supported by HFSP
Organized by E. Korkotian and D. Holcman