How to Pronounce unsanitary with Meaning, Phonetic, Synonyms and Sentence Examples

This video shows pronunciation of unsanitary in a sentence, unsanitary meaning, unsanitary definition, unsanitary phonetic, unsanitary synonym and unsanitary example

unsanitary Definition/Meaning : not sanitary or healthful
unsanitary Phonetic : ' n's nit ri
unsanitary Synonyms : unhygienic, insanitary, dirty, filthy, unclean, impure, contaminated, unhealthy, unwholesome, germ-ridden, germy, disease-ridden, infested
unsanitary Examples :
Water in the mines made for unsanitary conditions.
Conditions were crowded and unsanitary, and many died in these prisons.
And again, this is basically due to congested living quarters and unsanitary conditions.

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