Road To All Pets | New Herbiboar Pet! | Fossil Island Underwater Thieving | Tons Of New Content

Recently with the new Fossil Island update there is tons of new things to do on runescape, this update was a major update for skilling, bringing a lot of new ways to train hunter/agility/thieving. For me im interested in "completing" fossil island and getting the new fossils and most importantly THE PET. I tested out some of the content on fossil island and it turns out to be really good xp wise. So much to do!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed! Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more fossil island adventures!

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Intro: Long Nights - Emaycee
Outro: White Comic - This aint the end of me
Other songs:
Lazer Hawk - So Far Away
Home - Twisted Light
Rameses B - Spaceship

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Happy Scaping!