Grenga Health | Live with Green Smoothie Girl, Robyn Openshaw

Join me and best selling author Robyn Openshaw, the Green Smoothie girl, discuss how to feel the best you can every day, have more energy and thrive! Her new book Vibe is in stores now!

Grenga Health
A Faithitarian™ Resource. By bringing together faith and self-care practices centered on food, lifestyle, and mindset, I’ll show you the way to feeling vibrantly healthy in your skin and even more grounded in your beliefs.If you need help with your faith, food or F.E.A.S.T. you can get ahold of me via FB Messenger anytime.

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The Faith Filled 10 Day Detox

Clean your body and soul in just 10 days!
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Listen to me on the Beyond The Food Podcast
I discuss the surprising link between faith and health

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Nutrition Depletion Guide

Are the medications that you are taking robbing your body of it’s vital nutrients? Download my FREE guide and find out how to find this growing problem.

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FEAST Lifestyle Manifesto

I created this manifesto as a declaration of what Grenga Health and FEAST are all about. Check out this powerful manifesto and get started on the right track to health, happiness, and faith through GOD!

FEAST Lifestyle Manifesto ► http://pxlme.me/d2q09L24

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5 Days To Healthy Habits Checklist and Email Mini Course

This 5 day email mini course and checklist will help you to abolish those bad habits in just 5 quick days. Do wait download this checklist, you’re only 5 days away!

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Perfect Pantry and The Fabulous Fridge Guide

Time to clean out that pantry and fridge and with this great guide you will know exactly what to throw out and what to keep.

Perfect Pantry and The Fabulous Fridge Guide ► http://pxlme.me/92ZmdaYZ

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