TTA M6E working in the crop land, customer video for TTA

Advantages of M6E Agricultural UAV:
1.The whole machine is water-proof, it can be directly clean by water after work.
2.The pesticide tank has automatic mixing function.It has double filtration system,anti-sway,easy to clean.
3.Equipped with intelligent battery,only one piece battery ,portable push-in design.
4.Dual color indicator,can be driven in the darkness.
5.Support different nozzles,can be used on variety of crops .
6.Fool operation,easy to learn and suitable for variety kinds landforms.
7.Industrial-class motor,efficient and reliable. And original protection for the motors , the device
can carry out fully preservation for the motor
8.Quick release structure. The drone can be easily assemble,disassemble even simple repair right by crop field.
9.Can extend to equip radar to following terrain.
10.Can extend to equip RTK to make the location accuracy to be horizontal +2cm and vertical +5cm. 11.Low cost wearing spare parts prevents high maintenance cost.