Elk Grove Vice Mayor Snarls at Constituents, Plays Lapdog to Big-Monied Interests

At the Thursday, May 26 joint meeting of the Elk Grove City Council and Planning Commission, Vice Mayor Steve Ly conducted perfectly hypocritical behavior. He snarled like a pitbull at a constituent who went about 8 seconds over her allotted three minutes to speak during public comment.

Conversely, when a big-monied real estate developer spoke during public comment, Ly let the rich guy drone on for close to five minues. Not one condescending "wrap it up" to this person.

The moral of the story is this - if you want to get more than three minutes to speak during public comment, be a big monied donor and internationally known Elk Grove Vice Mayor will let you drone for as long as you like. How else can the Vice Mayor pay for his photographer and entourage as he hobnobs with diplomats descending on the international point of destination, Elk Grove!