Arrowzoom Unboxing: How to Restore Vacuumed Acoustical Treatment Foam

Protection and vacuum sealed package you receive as you watch this unboxing review of ways how to restore your acoustic foam to it's original state!

Here's some tips to do if your foam isn't in perfect form upon unpacking;
OPTION 1: Please let it sit in wide wide open air space over for 24-48 hours.
OPTION 2: If the foams are not recovered perfectly after 24-48 hours, you can pull it gently by hand and soak it in water. After soaking, please kindly let it sit in wide open air space and wait for it to dry.

SEE MORE ARROWZOOM ACOUSTIC FOAM REVIEWS/UNBOXING: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aq3nU8mx8sA&list=PLsbQtHal5qBALMtF12tdgtvZtBUPzN8aN

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