SPCC 5E Class Performance 2017-2018

SPCC 5E Class Performance 2017-2018

Our childhood is just like a balloon, it can fly up to the sky that has no limits, no barriers and no boundaries. Yet when our lives get crazier and crazier as we grow older, our balloons get lost in the open sky, or are even popped somewhere along the way by people around us. Is there even a way we can get our balloons back?


Watch the Music Video here: https://youtu.be/IiHV6X0gyS4
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Jasen Ho Oscar Mah
Jasmine Li Dorothy Woo

Jasen Ho

Colin Cheng Billy Feng
Jasen Ho

Jasmine Li Rachel Ting

Music Directors:
Anna Lee Dorothy Woo

Audio & Visual Team:
Jasen Ho Benjamin Lok
Oscar Mah Jasmine Li
Dorothy Woo

Phoebe Chow

Production Designers:
Jasen Ho Winnie Chow
Phoebe Chow Jasmine LI
Rachel Ting Dorothy Woo

Publicity Directors:
Gabriel Chan Adrian Cheung
Alex Lee

Head Coordinator:
Karen Choi

Jasen Ho Jerry Lau
Oscar Mah Phoebe Chow
Sammi Ko Anna Lee
Dorothy Woo

Stage Coordinators:
Merci Chan Jade Tsang
Dorothy Woo

Felix Chan Gabriel Chan
Jordan Chan Adrian Cheung
Ken Chiu Jasen Ho
Jerry Lau Alex Lee
Benjamin Lok Marcus Luk
Oscar Mah Anson Tam
Hsin Mei Chan Karen Choi
Winnie Chow Phoebe Chow
Cherry Ho Sammi Ko
Lok Lam Anna Lee
Jasmine Li Rachel Ting
Dorothy Woo

SPCC Stage Management Society:
Merci Chan Jade Tsang
Owen Cheung Alvin Cheng
Ronia Koo Timothy Cheng
Cyrus Cheung Glenn Kong

SPCC Network 33:
Jessica Yeung Samantha Lo
Isabella Yu Yohji Lam
Anna Choi Hayden Chan

Dr. Anton Luiten
Mr. Chan Lung Chak
SPCC Stage Management Society
SPCC Network 33

Track List:
00:13 James Russell Lowell - Once to Every Man and Nation
07:35 LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem
09:08 twenty one pilots - Stressed Out
10:25 Ruelle - Game of Survival
12:03 Jason Mraz - Lucky
12:25 胡愷珊 - 請別忘記
15:21 Avicii - Wake Me Up