What's Your Take on EHRs and SBIRT? Featuring Les Sperling

This webinar highlights the role of electronic health records served in the implementation of SBIRT services in several primary and acute care settings in Kansas.

The video shares implementation challenges and the solutions involved with integrating SBIRT into existing workflows and EHR systems. Topics covered range from billing barriers to appropriate outcome data collection, and consider both substance use disorder treatment provider and medical provider perspectives.

Learning Objectives:
- Outline SBIRT services being implemented
- Analyze the cost and process for adding the SBIRT component to the EHR
- Review the challenges or barriers faced with implementing and sustaining use of the SBIRT component/ field in the EHR

Les Sperling serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the Central Kansas Foundation. He has held this position since October of 1999. The Foundation provides a full continuum of substance use prevention and treatment services in five locations throughout Kansas. Les is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from McPherson College.

He has 32 years of experience in the substance use disorder field and specializes in the integration of behavioral health services into acute and primary medical care settings. Mr. Sperling has served on the Kansas Substance Abuse Policy Board, Kansas DUI Commission, and the Governor’s Mental Health Initiative Task Force.

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