In the Bunch show - Why winning in SA matters for Daryl Impey

In the Bunch is a cycling news magazine show produced by http://www.inthebunch.co.za/.

This episode features:

• Daryl Impey reveals why racing and winning at home are important: http://bit.ly/2zjpdfe

• Few were more surprised than Eddie van Heerden when he finished third at the 947 Cycle Challenge: http://bit.ly/2zZvZIk

• Eelco Meyjes discusses the popularity of e-bikes after he was spotted on one at the 947 Cycle Challenge: http://bit.ly/2B4Mz8P

• Active Bodies and Tiletoria Train set records at the Double Century: http://bit.ly/2zpvztr

• After testing himself in Australia, Brendon Davids has signed for a pro team: http://bit.ly/2hQRQcG

• Youngster Robert Hobson reveals the highlight of what has been a highly successful year: http://bit.ly/2hMTtrG

• Kent Main discusses the sacrifices that come with teamwork after the Tour du Rwanda: http://bit.ly/2zve6UA

Images & video courtesy of: Govan Bassn, Jetline Action Photo, Robert Ward, Craig Kolesky, Wayne Reiche, Veloshotz, Tour du Rwanda, Karoo to Coast, Chris Hitchcock, ZC Marketing Consulting, Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge and Big Shot Media.