From Top Down to Radically Collaborative (Part I): Deeper Funner Change Interviews Tasty Catering

How do you change company culture from a traditional, top-down structure to a highly collaborative culture and organization? Deeper Funner Change interviewed Tom Walter - Chief Culture Officer of Tasty Catering - about his experience on the frontlines of a company culture shift.

Part I explores how this shift began, and a turning point for the company during the session that hinged on them living their values. (how it began, turning point )

Part II explores the good, the bad, and the ugly of changing the way the company operated. (nitty gritty details, details of change)

Part III explores Tom’s personal growth as a leader during this change, and his advice to other leaders based on his experience. (leadership, personal development, leadership development, transformation)

Part IV explores the future of Tasty Catering and their partner companies, including what succession looks like in a highly collaborative culture. (succession plan, looking forward, future plans)

Interview conducted in November, 2017 by Karen Dawson (Elephant Whisperer of Deeper Funner Change). This interview is the fulfillment of a promise to the attendees of a keynote session at the Organizational Development Network conference in Chicago, in October 2017.

Intro and outro graphics by the talented Sarah Moyle. http://sarahmoyle.com/

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